Project FRESH - Farmer's Market Nutrition Program

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What Is WIC Project FRESH?

WIC Project FRESH is a program that makes fresh produce available to low-income, nutritionally-at-risk consumers, through Michigan farmers' markets.

History Of WIC Project FRESH

The program was started in 1986 in several states across the country. In 1988, Congress authorized a three-year demonstration project to test the concept in 10 states. The project's success led Congress to enact the WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Act of 1992 (P.L.102-314). Project FRESH was administered by the Michigan Department of Agriculture as a federal pilot in FY'89 and FY'90. After a two-year hiatus, on June 1, 1993, the program was transferred to the Michigan Department of Community Health, where it remains today.

Funding And Service Trends In Michigan

In FY 2011, WIC Project FRESH resources consisted of $449,436 in federal funding and $61,675 in local, private, in-kind/similar program and WIC program income funding. These resources were targeted to serve more than 25,500 clients through 46 local health agencies in 75 counties. Michigan's WIC Project FRESH program must meet at least a 30 percent matching requirement on administrative cost. This requirement is met through a variety of private and state funding sources.

WIC Project FRESH Administration

WIC Project FRESH is administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Michigan State University Extension (MSUE). Local health agencies and MSU Extension offices statewide deliver Project FRESH services to certified WIC participants.

Who Is Eligible For WIC Project FRESH Coupons?

Women and children up to age 5 (excluding infants) currently enrolled in the WIC program can get coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables. Women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding are targeted to help meet their special nutritional needs.

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