Oconee County DSS

223a Kenneth St.
Walhalla, SC - 29691

(864) 638-4400

Oconee County DSS is the local county office where you can apply for your EBT Card or online at https://scmapp.sc.gov/. Applications are provided for Social Services Food Stamps SNAP.

People who are working or have regular income form other sources than work, such as Social Security or a retirement pension, disability benefits, child support, or unemployment, can often get SNAP benefits.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a nationwide entitlement program. This means that as long as you meet the rules for SNAP benefits, you have a legal right to get them. You also have the right to:
Have your application accepted right away, even before you meet with a caseworker. Only your name, address, and signature need to be complete in order for DSS to accept your application.
Have an adult you trust apply for you as your authorized representative.
Bring a friend or advocate to DSS to help you apply.
Get your SNAP benefits within 30 days after you apply.
In an emergency, get "expedited" SNAP benefits within seven days after you apply.
Apply even if you are homeless.
Get permission to skip the face-to-face interview at the DSS office if you cannot go to the DSS office because you are disabled or caring for someone who is disabled, if you have transportation problems, or if you work or have job training during the hours that the DSS office is open.
Get a list of all the documents you need to bring to DSS and help getting the documents if you need help.
Prove your income, expenses, and identity in more than one way.
Get a written letter telling you whether or not you can get SNAP benefits, how much you will get, and how long they will last.
Be treated with dignity, consideration and respect, and to be treated without discrimination due to race, sex, color, national origin, disability, religious creed, or political belief.
Talk about your case in private with your caseworker. You do not have to talk about your case in the lobby or reception area.
See your case file and make copies of the information in your file.
Appeal any DSS decision you disagree with such as when your SNAP benefits are denied, decreased, or stopped. You may contact your local DSS office if you wish to request a fair hearing. Bring a friend, family member, advocate or lawyer to represent you in a hearing or any other meeting that you have with DSS.

If you lost your EBT Card please call this office as soon as possible.

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