Medicare prescription drug coverage

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Enrollment into Medicare Part D is Free. Though you will have to pay premiums and deductibles, no one should charge you for assistance in filling out the forms. Make sure you know where your money is going.

Rx Marks the Spot. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans will have the \"Medicare approved\" stamp on each piece of material they send you. Any mail you receive regarding Part D without the seal is not approved by Medicare.
What To Do When Enrolling in Part D

Stay Current. Save any letters you receive from your former employers and insurance plan about your current prescription drug coverage. Keep a folder with any information you receive that may pertain to prescription drug coverage.

Kn ow who you can Trust. Family members and friends are important in this process. Sometimes it can help to talk it over when something about a plan is not clear. Area senior centers and local organizations working through Medicare and your physician are also available for consultation. For

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