Hillsdale DHHS Office

40 Care Drive
Hillsdale, MI - 49242

(517) 439-2200


Food Assistance ProgramThe U.S. Department of Agriculture provides temporary food assistance to eligible low-income families and individuals.

Eligibility is based on the financial situation of all household members.

Everyone who lives together, buys and prepares food together is considered members of the same family group.

In general, we will review your expenses, assets and income to determine what, if any, benefits you may be eligible for. Application processYou must complete and submit an application to determine if you can receive assistance with food, Medicaid, child care, temporary cash, an emergency, etc. through MDHHS.

When submitting the application, it may be necessary to provide information about all members of the household.

The best way to determine your eligibility and apply is to use MI Bridges online. Applications can be delivered by hand, by post or fax to our local office.

Customers are issued a Michigan Bridge Card for the purchase of certain food products and access to cash benefits at numerous retailers and ATMs throughout the state.

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